What is SRC?

Stewards of the Rosedale Community, Inc. is organized as a public charity organization with intent to preserve the good of the past, enhance the benefits of the present where possible, and assist others in building a better future for residents of southwest Parke County, Indiana.  Operating with full intent to comply with federal IRS 501(c)(3) regulations for such organizations, we currently contribute to the public good in the following ways:

We do Strawberry Festival  —  – organized by SRC, Inc.  and funded by SRC and Friends as a public benefit.


  • Donation of assorted prize, awards
  • Annual recognition awards for spontaneous good citizenship and beneficial child mentorship
  • Free fundraising and outreach booth space to area nonprofit organizations
  • Free weekend of public concerts and other performances
  • Free visual educational displays (e.g., adult hobby & craft show, various types of captioned historical displays, other focal interest areas as available)
  • Overhead expenses for festival setup, operation and promotion

Funding projects:

  • Strawberry shortcake booth
  • Contest and pageant entry fees
  • KidZone activity centers
  • Strawberry Classic — a car, truck and heap show (vested to scholarship fund)
  • Street and indoor vendor revenues
  • Solicitation of in-kind contributions, supportive memberships, grants and cash sponsors

We do Educational Philanthropy

  • Newly-degreed teacher classroom materials cash donation [$100 each]
  • Strawberry Queen Scholarship Grant:  $500 to college of her choice annually plus $100 cash for related expenses
  • Queen’s Parke County Fair & ISFA State Convention scholarship pageant entry fees
  • Gifts of books to all little people entered in children’s pageants
  • PTO’s school needs supportive Christmas Craft Bazaar:  providing of Santa, Santa’s on-stage set,  gift bags, promotion

We do Parke County Covered Bridge Festival(tm) and Parke County Christmas(tm) historic heritage events

  • Philanthropy :  Thorpe Ford Covered Bridge Enhancement Project — dedicated fund
  • Funding Projects:  sale of seasonally appropriate goods &/or foods
  • Supportive Activities:  countywide Parke County Country Christmas weekend through development in conjunction of Rosedale Country Christmas Shoppe

We do Community Philanthropy

  • Holiday Free Community Dinner :  Contribution of supporting funds for foods purchases
  • Community Christmas Display:   Main St. Christmas trees, light strings, and power supply; Civic Center expanded lighting project; others as appropriate
  • Thorpe Ford Covered Bridge Enhancement Project – dedicated funds for landscaping and seasonal decorations
  • Web promotional assistance for community events and organizations as requested

We do Other Funding &/or Charitable Projects TBA on a needs basis.

 SRC, Inc. is a nonprofit charitable organization operating within the boundaries of IRS 501(c)(3).

The public is welcome to attend any of its meetings to learn more of its operations.

Membership is open to all who agree with its tenets and goals for a minimum fee of $10 annually per individual, $25 per household or small business, or $100 per corporation.

For more information on SRC and its activities, (765 phone area)

Ronda Stahl, president                  812.236.3155

Julia Hickman, vice                            548-2252

Judi Hartman, treasurer                   548-0490

Chad Muciarelli, secretary                 832-9455

Website:        http://historicrosedale.com [Hey!  That’s  here!! ]

Twitter:        @src_inc

Facebook:              Stewards.RosedaleCommunity

Email:                     historicrosedale@yahoo.com

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