Rosedale Strawberry Festival

 Home of the best home-baked shortcakes in Indiana!

                       June 5 – 7, 2015

Join in the delectable energy and Hoosier hospitality to be found at  Rosedale Strawberry Festival in beautifully rustic Parke County, Indiana, renowned as the covered bridge capital of the world.  The three-day festival, held the first June weekend each year, is organized by the community’s nonprofit charity SRC, Inc. as an entertaining and enlightening gift to the general public.   Free concerts daily,  KidZone fun for all ages, adult hobby and craft show, the Strawberry Classic car, truck and heap show, and lots more.  To join on the excitement on the scene or behind it this year, call the  committee folks  ,  email to — or  follow SRC on Facebook or Tweet us @src_inc to stay in the know.      Go to our Festival Scrapbook for a visual of some of  the past events.

          Thank you all very much!

READY TO EAT?  Organizations each year are cooking all weekend.   To round out those meals well, DO remember to top ’em all off with fresh home-baked strawberry shortcakes for dessert.  What, you ate a bunch already?  We offer child-size sampler shortcakes now too.


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