New Vendors Wanted

SRC is searching for new and additional vendors for their annual venues.

Strawberry Festival:  First June weekend, beginning at 5 p.m. that Friday.     Rosedale Country Christmas Shoppe:  First December weekend,  Friday at 5 start.  Applications and vending regulations are available on our Forms page.


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Concerned about the weather here?

Weather Channel logoHow’s the weather in Parke County?  The  national weather service gives 1-2-5-10 day forecasts, front lines and even hourly reports.  Fortuntely (sometimes unfortunately) , they’re usually pretty spot-on, too.  Just click here, enter a zip code (we’re 47874), and pick your time span.  See you!

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It’s About Festival Time

For the latest in Steward activities, updates on events, festival information, bookmark our website.  Post-festival, we’ll be adding a new photo album, so you’ll want to return for that too.

You too can join our nonprofit organization for as little as $10 a year to work to benefit our local causes too.  Meanwhile, …


Busy, busy, busy!  We’re hustling here to bring you our kewlest  Strawberry Festival this year.  Opening on Friday, June 6 at 5 p.m., we have so much stuff packed into this year’s three-day schedule. Or follow us on Facebook for insta-updates.

The craft & hobby show at the Civic Center just keeps growing.  Expanding last year to add a collection of Titanic memorabilia will be on display including such items as menus, tickets, picture, newspaper articles and more wasn’t enough.  This year’s goal is to add a coal mining exhibit with actual film footage of ongoing work inside a real old-style mine.  We’re also rounding up an assortment of craft and hobby demonstrators to complete the displays just for you.  The  Civic Center will be open at the south of the midway all weekend.

As always, KidZone will have activities for all ages from dunk booth and bounces to full-scale games.  Be sure not to miss out on the shortcake eating contest and pet parade.  Pageants stretch from queen’s scholarship run down to age zero.  Even the vehicle show stretches, called the Car, Truck and Heap Show in honor of its “You Really Drove That Here?” class. With its over four dozen entries, it just keeps growing and showing each year.

Be sure not to miss our much larger Saturday parade, fish fry, fireworks and free live concert too.  There’s so much more  .  Stay tuned here and follow us on Facebook to get the latest blab as Festival 2014   comes together for YOU.

Want to volunteer an hour or two? Need info or directions?  Call 812.236.3155 or 765.832.9455 or email us at

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Parke County, IN — Covered Bridge Capital of the World (R)

While in Rosedale in June enjoying the best homemade strawberry shortcakes in Indiana, do be sure to see some of our famous Parke County covered bridges.  After all, we are the Covered Bridge Capital of the World, y’know.   For more on the area, its reknowned bridges and October’s county-wide festival, check out

New Vendors Wanted for Parke County Covered Bridge Festival in Rosedale:  Florida Township Civic Club manages vendor bookings both inside and outside the Civic Center in Rosedale during Covered Bridge Festival week.  Deadline is 2 weeks prior to that festival.  For information on spaces, call (812)236-3155 or 548-2522.  You may also email and we’ll gladly forward the word on to the booking chairpersons.

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